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  • Last year we updated our wills. Our lawyer, Bruce Hallsor was great. We received sound advice and we were very satisfied.

    John Clarke

Crease Harman provides comprehensive legal advice about wills and estate planning, trusts, and estate administration. When we help you make a will, settle a trust, or administer your estate, our goal is to ensure that your property ultimately goes to the family members, charities, or others in accordance with your wishes, and in accordance with applicable succession law. Working with our network of other professionals, we facilitate this in the most financially advantageous and tax efficient manner possible. We recognize the importance of your personal and financial legacy to you and the future generations that you care about, and we can help make it the best it can be.

We also know from experience that sometimes contentious issues arise no matter how much care one puts into an estate plan, and that sometimes a poorly planned estate can result in unfairness to a spouse or child. In these situations our estate litigation team is there to guide you or your personal representatives through these sensitive matters, and enforce your rights and those of your estate, through the most appropriate formal and/or informal legal avenues.

Wills, Estates & Trusts Practice

Areas of Practice

Our areas of practice include:

  • wills
  • enduring powers of attorney
  • representation agreements for health care
  • inter vivos trusts
  • succession
  • tax planning
  • wealth preservation
  • fiduciary relationships

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