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Our lawyers can ensure that you recover funds owed to you. We have experience in pursuing and enforcing all types of secured and unsecured loans, including mortgages, purchase finance agreements, promissory notes or any other form of debt instrument.

Our team can help you pursues all available legal remedies, including:

Court Process: Creditors may obtain judgment from a court in their favour. The judgment allows the creditor to pursue other legal remedies to collect the debt owed, such as garnishing the debtor's wages or seizing assets. Actions can be pursued before the Civil Resolution Tribunal, Small Claims Court (up to $35,000), or the B.C. Supreme Court. Our lawyers can are also able to provide you with options such as demand letters, pre-judgment garnishing orders and negotiating and drafting debt-payment agreements.

Property Seizure: Creditors have the ability to apply for seizure and sale of a debtor’s property, such real estate or vehicles. Crease’s litigators can help you choose the correct forum to obtain payment of your unsecured loan or debt. The timing and procedure used can have a significant effect on any recovery, so it is important to obtain advice quickly when it becomes apparent that a creditor might default on their obligations to you.

Foreclosure: Whether you are a lender or a borrower, our lawyers can assist you in realizing on your mortgage through foreclosure proceedings or defending foreclosure proceedings. We can also assist with priority disputes amongst mortgage holders or compromising and restructuring mortgage debt.

Our Creditors’ Remedies, Collections & Foreclosures Law Team

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