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  • A true professional in every way! Very knowledgeable , experienced and well connected in the community. Always patient, integral and offers valuable advice to his clients.

    Blair Veenstra
  • Tim Summers has always provided exceptional service whether it was a quick consult or a more complex matter. Couldn't recommend a more competent lawyer.

    Brent and Breeze
  • I would not recommend any other. The most complex cases they are able to handle! If you need a good lawyer this team has the best.

    Patricia Bell

Crease Harman LLP has been designated as Approved Solicitors for the Bank of Montreal and Approved Commercial Solicitors for the Royal Bank of Canada for over 40 years. Lawyers at Crease Harman LLP also act for private commercial mortgage lenders in securing loans across British Columbia.

The lawyers at Crease Harman LLP also act as agents for out of province law firms, providing such services as advising, preparing and registering documents, and rendering opinions with respect to secured commercial loan transactions in the Province of British Columbia.

We have a strong legacy of providing advisory and drafting expertise to both clients and the banks, specifically with respect to commercial mortgages and secured loan transactions.

Banking and Commercial Finance Law Practice

Areas of Practice

Crease Harman provides Banking and Commercial Finance legal services including:

  • Advising
  • Preparing and registering documents
  • Secured commercial loan transactions
  • Commercial mortgages

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