Estates, Wills & Trusts Law

Succession, Tax Planning, Wealth Preservation and Fiduciary Relationships

Wills, Estates and Trusts

Crease Harman provides comprehensive legal advice in the above areas of law including wills, enduring powers of attorney, representation agreements for health care and inter vivos trusts. We strive to ensure that your wishes are carried out, and that all financial and taxation considerations are addressed to your advantage. Crease Harman appreciates the value in leaving a positive legacy, and can help you structure your gifts and bequests in an efficient and effective manner.

Crease Harman is also prepared to assist should contentious estate issues arise; our legal team will assist you in achieving a positive resolution through settlement or litigation, as the situation merits. Crease Harman has a wealth of experience in handling these sensitive matters, and can guide you towards results that preserve both the money and the relationships.