Succession, Tax Planning, Wealth Preservation and Fiduciary Relationships

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves issues of asset ownership, protection, and distribution, both during life and upon death. Client needs are varying and may include a requirement to provide for family members, planning for incapacity, minimization of income taxes and probate fees, mitigating concerns of possible Wills Variation Act claims, protecting against risks of legal claims by various parties or tax-effective charitable giving.

An effective estate plan is a legal strategy that ensures personal objectives concerning the administration and succession to his or her wealth are implemented in a tax efficient manner.

Ensuring that your wealth is maximized and used for the things that are important to you requires careful planning. We provide ideas, advice and implementation on a wide range of legal topics including business succession, estate and incapacity planning, tax and trust planning, risk management, and charitable gift planning.

Our services include:

  • Estate Planning including liaising with investment, accounting and other advisors
  • Creation, variation and maintenance of trusts including family trusts and alter ego trusts
  • Estate administration
  • Making provisions for disabled children or relatives
  • Establishment of Charitable Foundations
  • Powers of Attorney/Representation and other fiduciary relationships
  • Agreements/Living Wills
  • Succession planning for family businesses
  • state freezes, including corporate reorganizations and other corporate structures

Crease Harman solicitors provide experienced legal counsel to clients on all matters relating to the creation of an effective estate plan, wealth preservation strategy and the appropriate fiduciary relationships.