BC PNP: Registration and application process

BC PNP registration and application process is based on a point system. Here is a diagram from the recent Skills Immigration Stream of the B.C. Provincial Nominee Program report showing this:

BC PNP registration and application process: 1) PNP candidates register online 2) PNP issues invitation to apply 3) Candidates apply online after receiving invitation 4) PNP staff conduct due diligence and make decision 5) PNP staff nominate for permanent residency
Source: Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia. “Skills Immigration Stream of B.C. Provincial Nominee Program.” 2020, June 2. https://www.bcauditor.com/sites/default/files/publications/reports/OAGBC_PNP_RPT.pdf

The BC PNP allows British Columbia to select immigrants who can add to the labour market and economic development. B.C. then nominates these people to the federal government for permanent residency. In addition to being able to stay and work in Canada, permanent residency is a pathway for citizenship.

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