Criminal Defence

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Facing a criminal charge often carries a stigma that can ruin your life, even if you are ultimately found not guilty. Your employer, friends and family often disregard the presumption of innocence. An innocent person can be charged with an offence, and often the only one who believes in you is your criminal defence lawyer.

Our firm has the skill and experience to defend you on any charge, from murder to drug conspiracy, and from mischief to fraud. By choice, we restrict the volume of our work in this area so that we are able to give you the individualized personal attention you deserve and need. We will represent you at trial and on appeals.

If you are under investigation fora crime or have been arrested it is important to seek legal representation as quickly as possible. Contact Crease Harman today if you are in need of a Criminal Defence lawyer. Our experienced lawyers will help protect your rights.