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The lawyers at Crease Harman LLP are well versed in the evolution of our federal, provincial and municipal cannabis laws. We have seen Canadian legislation take steps toward marijuana decriminalization, create a commercially licensed industry for medicinal cannabis, and finally, in 2018, watched Canada became the second country worldwide to legalize recreational cannabis. Throughout all that change the team at Crease Harman have stood by their clients to represent them in all cannabis-related legal matters and to decipher the developing laws. Business owners now have the opportunity to be at the forefront of a multi-billion-dollar industry, but navigating the complexities of cannabis law will take a team of experienced cannabis lawyer professionals.

From Newfoundland to British Columbia, new cannabis dispensaries are opening their doors, with the new national cannabis industry is expected to be worth more than $4 billion. The country is leading the world in developing regulation for our national production system and provincial cannabis distribution markets, but the endeavor has not come without challenges. Rapidly changing legislation and vague regulations can make interpretation of cannabis laws complex and confusing. Business owners are getting stuck in the middle of legal issues that halt progress and impact profit. With our specialized experience in cannabis law, the team of business litigators and solicitors at Crease Harman offer full-spectrum cannabis law services that can help cannabis cultivators, processors, distributors and retailers, as well as anyone related to the cannabis industry achieve success.

With thousands of files resolved for our clients, including many cannabis-related matters, Crease Harman has a reputation of getting clients what they need. Our clients include entrepreneurs ready to open the doors as retailers, start-up distributors, and individuals involved in every kind of cannabis dispute. Areas of specialty relating to the cannabis industry include:

  • Real estate and zoning
  • Corporate planning and structure
  • Lending advice and security arrangements
  • Litigation and dispute resolution

While recreational cannabis is new to Canada, Crease Harman is one of the most experienced corporate and commercial litigators in the province of British Columbia. The legal obstacles accompanying cannabis are a new face for the same resource issues that Crease Harman has monitored and engaged in for generations. From British Columbia’s early days of coal, lumber, and fishing, to more modern to regulatory disputes such as liquor licensing and taxation, the firm has stood by corporate and commercial clients through the tests of time.

The cannabis industry is fast-moving and lucrative. It’s also highly regulated and shrouded in complicated legislation that makes having an experienced lawyer on your side an invaluable asset. Contact Crease Harman to guide you safely through the complexities of cannabis law.

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